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Classes held at Class and Carry - Store and Training Center, 320 N Westhill Blvd, Appleton, Wisconsin

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Empowering Women (and men)

Class and Carry offers personal safety training for men and women, taught by experienced instructors in Appleton, Wisconsin’s Fox Valley at 320 N Westhill Blvd.  Because everyone learns differently, all our instructors are trained in many disciplines, and are able to translate that training to easily understood, step-by-step instruction. 

In this industry you will find that most instructors have a military or law enforcement background and teach tactical training, which is fine - But with Class and Carry, we focus on “real world” scenarios that women or men might encounter in daily life. We offer our classes in a comfortable learning environment that is friendly and non-intimidating. It is our goal to empower women and eliminate their fears by replacing them with knowledge and the courage to take care of themselves. Our most popular offerings include: Introduction to Handguns, WI Concealed Carry Permit Training, Multi-state Concealed Carry Option, Women's Self-Defense Workshops.

Loui Ebeling - Owner/Instructor

Here at Class and Carry, YOUR safety is our number one goal! Stop in, call or write - we can't wait to meet you!

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